Thursday, September 02, 2010


thanks for all your ideas and encouragement, everyone! last night i had real true FUN in class, and i think the students did, too. i am thinking a larger group (i had 18 last night) might be more free to speak than a really small group like monday.

plus, the monster activity was good. 99% of all people like monsters :)

whew. i cannot believe i have to do this EVERY week now. i think i am going to seek out and HUG a teacher today for all they do.


Karen said...


Why are the groups different sizes?

The monster sentence goes on my list of favorite sentences. :-)

bobbione8y said...

2 different classes - so different enrollment for each one ;)

carey said...

jaces had to create an animal out of geometric oval, one square, one hexagon, one pentagon, one triangle, one rectangle and a pentagon. they had to use every shape.

pop quiz: what animal did he make? i will wear high heels and pantyhose to a meeting if anyone guesses this right.

Karen said...

Some kind of dinosaur.

Karen said...

Do you own high heels and pantyhose????

bobbione8y said...

pantyhose ;) ha. that is a funny word.

my guess is a giraffe.

carey said...

negative on the long necks.

cherk said...

does ANYONE own pantyhose? I am guessing......wait I am going to ask our math leader for these shapes first and practice, I will get back to you tomorrow.

By the way Bobbi, I knew it would go well. When a teacher is passionate about what they do, it all falls into place.