Friday, September 03, 2010

my turn at random


fantasizing about a whole 3 day weekend in which i speak to no other living creature. i am kind of needing that. it will not happen, esp. since i am going to a wedding and a concert. but, i maybe won't say much. just a warning :)


i am still thinking about the house that i almost decided to buy this week. i am 50% happy that it needed a bit too much work to make purchasing it a plausible decision, and 50% sad that i cannot live in it. i'm funny that way.


i would say it's been a good year for sweet peppers, wouldn't you?!

happy pre-holiday y'all!



Karen said...

She is as sweet as can be.

It, on first glance, does not have the character Mabel possesses.

Them are some SWEET sweet peppers!

Frugal Gardener said...

Awesome peppers! We have had a horrible year for peppers. Too wet.

Chris said...

You grew those?? Yum! I agree, Mabel is a keeper. Sorry I am so behind on your life. Are you looking for a bigger place? Itching to transform a different space?