Wednesday, September 08, 2010

that's crazy.

well, the photos kind of prove my point. lifelight may NOT be the best place for a hermit to habitate :)

ha. there is something very amazing about worshipping with a group that size, however. wow. i might be a little regretful.

every year, tons of people get online at the newspaper forum and try to disprove the number of people who actually attend. um, yeah. wonder if they've ever actually been there, or even looked at the pictures? looks to me like a small city is standing in that field.

so excited that i live in a place where God is glorified!


Karen said...

Wow. I am regretful FOR you! Or for me. Or something like that. I could sure use some city-sized group worship.

What are the numbers reported to be?

bobbione8y said...

they never know. i get the feeling the organizers are not 'numbers' people ;) something like 100,000 per day.

too many for me ;)

Karen said...

Maybe even too many for me. :-) It would be nice to watch it live from home, no?

carey said...

very very awesome. and RIGHT HERE. so cool.