Friday, September 10, 2010

purple is creative

karen's post this morning about her son's purple socks (plus, i noticed she is using purple as an accent color on her blog) reminds me of how obsessed and how much meaning people put into color. as a designer, i am usually obsessed with all colors, but i frequently notice how many times i seem to keep repeating turquoise, orange, lime green and brown. i'm currently embracing cool, muted blues and thinking of painting my bedroom those colors, with chartreuse accents.

isn't color great?! the above video is a rough for the big project carey and i have worked on for the past year. those people LOVE their purple.


Karen said...

I heart that video.

I loved purple when I was TM's age, and I love that he rocks it and doesn't care what anyone thinks.

Please come paint my basement. I don't know anyone but you who actually LIKES to paint. Ug.

bobbione8y said...

what color are you painting it?

i bet not purple :)

i always think of basements as being the place for warmish light colors. wish i could help, instead i have to go to a meeting right now. sigh.

KristieLou said...

love, love, love the video! good work girls.

bobbione8y said...

lou. that is greg's voice. the final is a little more polished :)

cherk said...
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cherk said...

I love the commercial, you are both very talented.
Karen-I LOVE to paint, I will be over with some wine and we can get started.