Friday, September 24, 2010

big game

so, tonite lou and i will drive to lincoln, ne, in preparation for the big 'jacks vs huskers' game tomorrow. this is only big for sdsu folks, who for the most part cannot believe that they are playing nebraska. word is, it probably won't be pretty. but you never know, God may smile upon sdsu and give them a chance.

not that it really matters to me, i am just excited to go to the farmer's market in lincoln tomorrow morning, and to wear my new cute jackrabbit tshirt for the game. about the only smack i will talk about the rivalry, is that i actually think sdsu has the better logo :)

happy weekend y'all!


KMOSS said...

If Nebraska would update the Huskers typeface, I think they would have a better logo. I agree present day, SDSU is better.

Have a great weekend!

bobbione8y said...

thanks Kristi! i hope we at least get a pic of lou and i in our rival outfits :)

Karen said...

I don't remember the rabbit looking quite so tough back in the day..

Have FUN!!!! Take pics!

carey said...

oh, have fun! if you see the husband, take a pic with him and put it on your blog :)

bobbione8y said...

carey, i will look for jamie. probably tailgating, and not at the farmer's market, right?