Wednesday, September 29, 2010


so, lately i have had a couple of things happening to me kind of at the same time, and i am starting to wonder if they are not connected.

#1. i have had a very heavy heart lately for people on the side of the street with signs. it seems that no matter where i turn, i see them. in the last month, i have stopped and given money to 3 men holding signs. i cannot help it, i know that some people think it's dumb. that they most likely have *lots* of money, and it's just a scam. i actually don't really care if it's a scam, it still breaks my heart. and what if it isn't? what if these are the people Jesus is talking about when he talked about the 'least of these'? what do you think? do you do this, too? do you think about it? does it BOTHER you to just drive by?

#2. the better part of the story is that lately, i have also seemed to find extra money in my wallet. i cannot be specific about it, because to be honest, i don't usually keep that good of track. i do know that last week, i was totally cash-less, and i went to the bank and extracted $100 from my account. then, i went to lincoln last weekend. i kind of mentioned to kristie that it seemed like i had more cash then when i started. and when i got home from the trip, i DID count, and it was $92. which might not be a miracle. except that we did stop for snacks. and i bought some stuff at the farmer's market with cash. and who spends only $8 in a weekend?


last night, i was reading my daily bible. which lately, i have not read every day. it was so so good. and these verses in Isaiah 55 struck me, as many verses in Isaiah usually do:

1 "Come, all you who are thirsty,
come to the waters;
and you who have no money,
come, buy and eat!
Come, buy wine and milk
without money and without cost.

2 Why spend money on what is not bread,
and your labor on what does not satisfy?
Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good,
and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.

and so it goes. i am praying that the Lord increases my faith in small miracles, in the workings that so many times i pass by. i am thanking him for things that i have bought without money. and i am grateful.


bobbione8y said...

ps. did you notice that i said lately about 17 times in this post?

wow. might want to proofread before i hit 'post.'


Karen said...

I always notice those kinds of things, and I DID NOT NOTICE. I did not notice because I was too wrapped up in your lovely story. God has been dealing with me (too) lately on the topic of eternal investments. I love it when He's doing the same kind of work in more than one of us. It's the best kind of reinforcement.

I'm going to shower, and then I have a little one of my own, which I will write over on the Jesus blog.

Also--for what it's worth, I believe you are right to give to the sign people. I think that the giving is what we are called to do, and I'm more than happy to let God deal with how they might spend it.

bobbione8y said...

i am not even torn in the slightest, i questioned blogging about it, because i believe we should do these things in private. however, i wanted to SHARE the idea that the $$ is being supernaturally replaced.

i kind of have this silly idea. it's that in the end times, which i think we are entering, we'll (christians) buy stuff without money. because actual money will have no worth, but we'll have Heavenly money. and our homes will be welcoming, and people will come and WONDER at the miracle of how we got food. and shelter. and even though on one hand i am scared, on the other hand how COOL will that be!

K~ said...

Hey Bob, nice post. I have been stuggling continuously it seems regarding money. Rick and I are yet again VERY short. But somehow, we make it. When I quit my job 14 years ago, I worried about money and have ever since. Will we be ok?? Well, 14 years, dah!!! God provides. He has heard my worries, prayers, and has blessed me with ways to give back. It is so true, all I do, I do for no money. I am ok with that on a spiritual level, as a matter of fact, I enjoy it a lot. But on my day to day journey, I feel useless and unimportant because I don't contribute to our income. It is like that "sand paper" we talked about before. I know I need to stop listening to the messages I have on an hourly basis, but there they are scratching at me.

On that same note, what is the name of your daily bible. and by the way, I just LOVE the book of Isaiah. I fell in love with the book when i did the Beth Moore study.