Monday, September 06, 2010

nice weekend

whew. how nice to have a few days in hermitville! i SO needed this! so much so, that i skipped the mercyme/need to breathe concert! i know. but seriously. over 100,000 people did not fit with my need for solitary confinement. i cleaned my closets instead... ;)

anyway, it has been good. i am on my 5th or 6th book in the last month. i got a few books at the local thrift store this weekend, so i am set for the next couple of weeks...yay!

oh. i guess i did one social thing. went to my beautiful friend emily's wedding, and was so happy to see her so happy. plus, i had to ask to touch that dress. ohhhhhhhhhhh.

i also made an accessories 'wall' in my bedroom. this is my fashion plan for fall :) lots of funky accessories. look at the cool asymmetrical arm warmers i got from lou for my birthday, made from recycled sweaters. i can hardly wait to wear those! sigh. plus it will be nice to have some stuff available at a glance, not just shoved in drawers somewhere.

oh. and i started a craft project. well, not really. kristie's dad cut down an old table i had in the basement, and i am going to collage the top with yardsticks. some. day. :)) ha. kinda ran outta steam there. but this will be my 'plant stand' in front of my only really good south window this winter. so, i hope to finish it soon. i got the idea from country living (below). love that mag.

k. gonna go lounge away one more evening!!! happy labor day bloggirls!


Rea said...

I'm glad I'm not the only hermit. While part of me longs for the energy of a concert, there is that part of me that knows I will be drained from all those PEOPLE! So I stayed home and worked on developing a throbbing headache instead. It was ever so exciting.

Love the accessory wall!

cherk said...

I need that accessory wall!

bobbione8y said...

Loretta, I try to fight the hermit urges, but given a certain amount of time, I always need to hole up and regroup...I guess it's time for me to just accept my nature.

Cher. The accessory wall is very handy, I kind of look at it and figure out outfits based on what's grabbin' my attention :)

carey said...

hey just checked in and i see we were on the same page this weekend. i cleaned the garage, the closets, the drawers and went NOWHERE but a football game, a bike ride and a quick stop at shopko. i was expecting to hear all about the concert...but sometimes those nights at home are just perfect.

Karen said...

I'm not a hermit, as you know. I HAVE really been looking forward to the peace and quiet of the boys going off to school today, though. Aahhhhhhh.

I couldn't, for the life of me, SEE that table until I SAW it. I might need an accessory wall, too. That way I might actually remember to accessorize.