Monday, September 27, 2010

football friendly

football games are kind of weird social experiments. especially when they take place in nebraska. i learned that this weekend, for sure.

for a few years now, kristie has told me about how nebraskans love football. i thought i understood, but it became clear to me this weekend that 'you had to be there' to really get it. NOW, i know. at least i know a little better what she was talking about.

the first clue was that lots of random people commented on my sdsu tshirt all day saturday. one guy said to me 'nebraska welcomes you.' ummmm. thanks? and then there were the ecstatic sdsu people, all wearing perma-smiles after the game saturday night. one kid came up to me on the street, made a spectacle and high-fived me, causing kristie to say 'is that one of your students?' ummmmmm. no. at sdsu, we are just not afraid to celebrate losing. we're unproud that way. i also noticed that husker people do not like to win small. at the gas station yesterday (still wearing my sdsu gear) a guy actually CONGRATULATED me on our loss?! ummmm?

seriously - everybody was super nice. it was like how a big giant elephant is 'nice' to a little teeny bug that he is choosing not to squash 'nice'. but nice, nonetheless. i noticed that when the big jumbotron came on with rock n' roll graphics about the huskers team, they used words like 'power, honor and glory.' i noted to kristie that usually when i am in talking about stuff like that, i am referring to Jesus!

at any rate, i can now cross *giant stadium attendance* off my bucket list. i'm also thankful to nebraska for no mean people, no drunk people, and no rude people existing while my dreams were coming true. you guys really DO grow good football in your neck of the woods.


Karen said...

Wow. Really, no rude? No mean? No drunk??

So glad you had fun, also glad that you reported the game's outcome. All the FB posts I've seen by attendees (all jackrabbits) were so glowing that I kind of thought maybe we'd pulled it off. I guess they must have had experiences similar to yours. :-)

carey said...

oh, i love the athletic wear you and kristie are sporting. nothing better than a long sleeve t under a short sleeve t, i always say. :)

karen, the reason people were so happy was because the jacks very nearly DID pull it off.

Karen said...

Really?? That's awesome! Are there any Grosdidiers on the team this year?