Saturday, September 11, 2010

craft saturday

wow. i haven't gotten to craft in awhile. i did get the yardstick table made over, i like it much better than when it used to be a mexican sofa table. most of all, i'll love being able to bring some of my plant babies indoors, instead of having to let them freeze.

i wish days like this would last forever. happy weekend!


KMOSS said...


That is awesome.

cherk said...

Too cute, I need to spend a craft day with you sometime, or better yet we need to have one here at MY house.

Chris said...

That table is so unique and so you! Did you gloss it too? It looks shiney

Karen said...


(but of course, could not "see it" without your help! PLEASE come help with my basement!)

bobbione8y said...

thanks girls! it needs more varnish, but yes it is a little bit shiny. i was too impatient to keep varnishing.

karen. color options? do we need to make you a color palette?

Karen said...

Yes, but I need to send pics, first. The walls (all but one) are this Owens-Corning fabric-y stuff. They're driving me crazy, b/c they appear from a distance to be gray, but close up clearly have a tannish thread. We painted the one wall a gray color, and I think it's fine. The couch is my neutral Ikea burlap bag couch, and I think I want red curtains and pillows, but would love to have some input from someone who knows something about decorating.