Tuesday, September 25, 2012

making over me.

so, in the last 2 days i have been working on a little fall makeover. funny how all of a sudden it strikes you that you are SO 2007! ha.

i already posted the pic on facebook, but i think the fun thing about this is the stuff i chose to do. so here goes:

• got a haircut. the lady at the mall ($15 haircut, btw) told me i have very thin hair and lots of cowlicks. i actually never knew i have 'cowlick syndrome' - it explains alot.

she sold me some hair meringue. seriously. i still have cowlicks, but i smell like lemon pie ;)

• bought 3 new shirts. so much for a complete wardrobe change! i find that 3 new shirts gets me more than HALF a new week. plenty to keep me looking fashionable, i think.

unfortunately, all 3 shirts are rocking the horizontal stripe. something tells me this might be a problem....

• new makeup. consisting of 'age defying' concealing magical power foundation. i was about outta that. and an eye pencil that is soft enough to not move my whole face when i'm applying it. and some glitter nail polish. guess which one is my favorite?!

• new specs. for the first time in about 18 months, i can actually SEE. that is kind of a benefit. the secret here is to buy giant grandpa frames (which are 'in' again, thank the Lord) which help to make the bifocals more IN focus.

unfortunately, by the end of yesterday, i had a giant headache from the new frames. oh, and a little 'thingey' that was adorning the side of the frame already fell off. so glad i got the 'designer' model.

however, i actually feel cuter. i think it's just the ACT of pretending to care that helps. surely it makes me more ready to face the world, which i am planning to step out into more often. so much of how we look is our MENTAL state, actually having nothing to do with what it appears to be on the outside.

i am pretty happy with my mental makeover, except i think i need some boots for when the flip flops absolutely must be put away.... but then, look out world, she is OUT!

:) happy day, all.


Rea said...

Once again, I think you look adorable. :) And I think I need some magical hair meringue.

K~ said...

I absolutely agree! When I get a few new shirts or a pair of pants it feels nice. I feel all in style cuz it came from this years line, even though it came from Walmart. Then I get a haircut and WOW I feel like a super model mom at least til I get home! Well done Bob!! You look even cuter if that is possible? :) K~

cherk said...

Love makeovers! Not that you needed one!