Friday, September 07, 2012

first friday

that's the name of the event we have in downtown SF on the first friday of the month. i have NEVER been. that shows you what kind of a bad siouxfallsian i am!

all that is about to change, because tonite i am going. i'm going to see this guy do this thing:

that is kristie lou's boss; he's an artist. a real one, which seems rare. he's the featured artist for the sidewalk chalk competition that is going on downtown this weekend. apparently, he's been drawing superman breaking out of the sidewalk on his back patio for several weeks now! ha.

lou and i plan to go and see the final results tonite. word has it, she might even step in and help with the 'coloring' if he needs it this afternoon!

so very blessed to hang around with people FAR more creative than myself. it's motivating. and i am proud.

so, i may not be a real artist like Mike, but i'm still a repurposer/dreamer/doer.

here's a sneak peek of my weekend project. it's going to be fun for me to work on :)

happy friday! go get some art in your life, okay?!

ta da! the finished art - and Mike with his wife Kathy....


Rea said...

I'm glad you posted that. I rarely remember First Friday, but Mike got home from work early so we were able to get downtown and see some of the art, ending with Superman which the boys thought was awesome. It was fun to do something different.

bobbione8y said...

glad you got to attend! i was very impressed with first friday, wondering why it took me so long - nice vibe ;)

Rani Gordon said...

love love love!!!!!!

I wish I could come...