Wednesday, September 05, 2012

sew sew day

wow, i'm realizing that this summer i have not blogged all that much! not sure what happened. but i really have missed it, i think.

check out the great organization skills demonstrated here!

every once in awhile, i like to look back and see what i was doing '1 year ago' on my blog. this is the photo that popped up today. whew. ESPECIALLY thankful this year to be moved and settled. fern my not be my last home (in fact, i am already thinking about the next one) - but she is a welcome respite for now...and really, moving is right up there with root canals and irs, it's nice to not be doing that.

 i'm a little bit excited about the next 'project' i have coming up. i finally got around to buying some fabric for dining room curtains. i really wanted a big, more modern pop of 'wow' when you open the front door. i think this might do the trick.

btw, i love ordering fabric online! this was a GREAT price, and the quality is excellent. linen-ey and soft and it came on a BOLT, for heavens' sake. that is wonderful.

my thought is that i will line the drapes also! first time i have never done that, i'm going to use my fab ikea lined drapes as a 'pattern' - i got some sheets last night at walmart to use, much less expensive than by-the-yard choices!

and lastly, i got betty, my old old old sewing machine back from the sewing machine doctor yesterday. she is rockin' the zig zag stitches now! last year, i tried to buy a new sewing machine. got it out of the box, looked at the manual and thought 'whoa, i like betty a LOT better' - she is my one and only, a gift from my grandma when i was just a kid. i am pretty sure she will outlast me, and is perfect for the kind of sewing i do. did. want to do. whatever. i love betty (whose last name is White, btw, it's a brand).

so, good things on the horizon! i will probably not start until the weekend, but i'm excited to get sewing! i know it's usually spring cleaning that people get excited about, but fall projects are even MORE fun :)

happy day!


Rea said...

Love that fabric! It is very Bobbi.

And this is a small kick to me that I need to (finally) get my bedroom curtains made, and then order fabric for my office curtains. And hopefully not take 3 years to get around to sewing them.

carey said...

yes, fall projects are the best. my mom LOVES betty and thinks she is perfect. i am glad we are not spending today at the dump waiting for a locksmith. one year, huh? wow.

bobbione8y said...

rea - oh, order that fabric!!! let's make curtains together. er, in a sense, anyway :)

two of my faves.

carey. what a nice day - it DOES sort of remind me of 'dump' day - the weather was lovely :)

anne said...

That was the day I stopped by to a WIDE OPEN front door and hung the fancy sign you found the next day. :)

anne said...

That was also the day I talked to Jamie on the phone and he was all "whaaa? why are you calling me?"

bobbione8y said...

anne - funny that the wide open door did NOT seem to bother me, but the random signage when i drove up scared the heck out of me!