Tuesday, September 18, 2012

crabtastic day

what to do when the weather turns...according to ms. siesta.

it's 3:34 right now. i just looked around, and realized what a perfectly crappy day i've had so far.

i woke up late, skipped my bible reading, pulled a bunch of half dead plants back out on the front step to live for another day before the inevitable happens, pulled on a sweatshirt and sweat socks and sweat everything, because i am unbelievably COLD all of a sudden,

and sat down at this desk to a bunch of incoming messages from people that i sometimes forget are people, instead of stupid incoming messages.

now, right now, i need to reboot. my thinking. my attitude. my day in general.

i don't think it's too late to start over yet, do you?

happy tuesday!


Rea said...

I sure hope its not too late to start over. I've had one of those days too. Something about having a 7 year old call you an idiot first thing in the morning that kind of sets the tone...

At least I have a roast cooking away nicely in the crockpot. That makes me happy.

cherk said...

Never to late for a do over, I hope you were able to get one. I do them on a minute by minute basis sometimes.

Karen said...

I wish I had a roast cooking away nicely in the crockpot, because it's only 8:54am here, and CRAPTASTIC is an understatement.

I hope your today is better than your yesterday.

bobbione8y said...

sigh. oh, thanks, girls.

today is better already...i did bake karen's famouse baked potatoes for dinner last night, and to be honest, getting away from the incoming messages helped :)


carey said...

we both know work stops at 3 pm, so i'm quite sure your day got better :)

Karen said...

Heh. What Carey said.

Also, laughing b/c I just sent you an email...sorry.