Monday, September 10, 2012

weekends are good.

schwew. here we are again! i am not sure how many stunned and amazed monday posts i've blogged over the years, but they keep coming...where do weekends GO?!

mine was fab. some of it spent down at the arts thing on friday, and even more at an event called 'junkfest at the nest' on saturday. i almost almost feel guilty, since i'm going to junk bonanza this week, but since i scored some good things, not really.

i may have to rethink my decision not to have a full-time career in junk :)

i was lucky enough to come upon a couple of things that pretty much EXACTLY fit into my living room decor.

i suppose that isn't entirely weird. there is a lotta turquoise out in the world these days.

anyway, the fabric came on two nice mid-century chairs that i got for a 'package deal' that was too good to pass up. the fun thing about thrifting is that you replace a $5 chair when you are sick of it...much better than spending $100's and feeling guilty ;)

these two have both been 'refinished' and reupholstered, which was nice, since i am getting lazy in my old age. i always like seeing what stuff looked like in its original state, though, so of course i turned to mr. google when i got home.

turns out the smaller of the two chairs was a pretty good find. a 'gunlocke' chair, most of which go for between $100 and $200 each on ebay. the good news is that it's comfy to sit in, too. except for siesta hates it. i think because the back is 'open' and she cannot cozy into it. sigh. it actually might be nice to have ONE piece of furniture that the cat does not destroy, anyway.

lots of projects going on...i'll be showing you pink furniture, new drapes and the FINALLY completed kitchen in the next couple of weeks. i guess you could say that i am in 'nest' mode for winter around here ;)

happy day!

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Karen said...

DYING to see the pink furniture and the completed kitchen. Dig the turquoise. Dig the chairs.