Thursday, September 20, 2012

hip to be square

ah, what a wonderful quiet day. by thursday pm, i have almost put myself into the 'weekend' frame of mind. weekends are what i love most about my life, it seems.

i was glimpsing at the year-long stack of 'stuff' in my garage the other day. a tiny square priority mail box peeked out of the jumble.

i opened it, and suddenly REMEMBERED. this precious box has seriously been LOST for almost THREE years! i lost it! who loses a box like this?!

well. people like me, whose eyes are bigger than their brains. i was SO into sewing, and then, just like that, it was over.

she forgives me, mostly because she loves sniffing stuff that has been out in the garage for 3 years.

anyway, it's back. the desire and the time to make a quilt. the urge to gather my lovelies and turn them into a something. even. better. something for my grandma room that i am dreaming up in the basement. sigh. it's gonna be good.


Rea said...

I seriously love all those bright happy colors.

carey said...

oops. i kind of remember carrying this into your garage. was i supposed to put it inside? :)

Karen said...

Sooooo pretty.

Thanks for all the on-the-fly styling advice today. I ended up with...nothing. There was something slightly off with each top, and I already have a closet full of ill-fitting impulse buys. On the upside, I got some really great ideas. :-)

bobbione8y said...

oh, i know the feeling. i bet you have the PERFECT thing to wear already in your closet! but yes, ideas are very good to shop for also :)

cherk said...

PRETTY, can't wait to see what you create.