Monday, September 24, 2012

tomato basil soup

so, 'tis the season. soup season. i wait in anticipation each year for soup season....and now that the house is chilly feelin' - it's the perfect time to start cooking.

on saturday, i made the most deliciously amazing roasted tomato was only after i finished up, that i realized it is actually SOUP. it's very close to the yummy tomato basil soup at kaladis bistro here in SF.

my recipe does not include quantities, but i think there is some flex in those. here goes!

 start out by washing and cutting a big bowlful of ripe tomatoes into a 9x13 pan. Add some diced garlic and onion, and a dash of sea salt. Pour a liberal (1/4 cup?) amount of olive oil over all. the best part about this is that the 'skins' can be left on the tomatoes, because in the end, you will not know they are there.

Into the oven at 375 degrees for 45 minutes.

 they come out smelling and looking fab. i like to add in a handful of fresh basil at this point, rather than cooking the basil all along, because i don't want it to burn.

 see how the basil gets kind of wilty immediately? this is good.

 then, into the blender all together.


at this point, you have a wonderful tomato sauce for recipes, OR a wonderful soup to just enjoy. you CAN add a bit of whipping cream or half and half if you like, but if you love tomatoes, this is probably going to please you 'as is.'

talk about comfort. i could almost eat that picture :)

i also made my first ever 'flourless' chocolate cake. it was pretty good, as well. the recipe can be found here.

yum. weekends taste good.


Rea said...

Now you have created a dilemma, because I don't know whether to use my last tomatoes from the farm to make a roasted tomato/tomatillo salsa, or to make that soup.

The soup would be easier. But Kyle would eat all my soup.


bobbione8y said...

ha. i saw your recipe for the salsa - looks very yummy also!

however, the soup won for me...unless those green tomatoes turn in time for me to make a batch of salsa too!

Rea said...

Luckily I have determined that I have enough for the salsa AND a small-ish batch of soup.