Wednesday, October 03, 2012

dog days of, um, october

I actually came armed with a camera, thinking I would take cute pics because Carey cannot take a good photo to save her life.

I quickly found out that chubby, lounging cats are much easier to shoot than tiny, wriggley puppies.

seriously. he did not stop for a SECOND, even when we tried to divert his attention with toys.

as you can tell, he already has quite a few toys.

trust me. he was fast.

 and much more into people-climbing than playing with toys.

 we tried to hold him down and capture his cuteness. but carey needed to make sure that in all instances, his 'man parts' were covered.

sigh. we gave up.

later, we just went outside. we got him to sit still for a second while he checked out sydney.

 i love my syd, and i think she loves me, but HIM - not so much.

crosby, on the other hand, is not one to avoid new friends, even small annoying ones. but she would much rather play ball.

oh good grief. c'mon everyone, just say 'hello' to gunner. he's small, he has attitude, and he just hit the jackpot by getting to live with the most pet-friendly people i know. lucky dog!


carey said...

haha yes. he's wiggly for sure. sorry to all for not telling you about gunner the weiner dog on my blog. i will do that today if i get time...being dr. doolittle takes an awful lot of time.

Karen said...

I was in dispair of ever seeing a photo of Gunner!

bobbione8y said...

I love those photos where he is an APPARITION!!! truth-telling!

sorry about telling you all. it's kind of like telling you she's pregnant before she is. which i would hopefully not do :)