Monday, October 08, 2012

bad blogger

i'm in a blogging funk, i think.

on one hand, i think of things i want to tell you.

on the other hand, i feel like i've told you them before.

perhaps, i am coming to the end of blogging. i hope not, because it would make me sad, i think.

well, before we do anything drastic, let's try a random post. those are easy.

 i suppose i am a bit sad. after a very disappointing year of gardening, i had to pull the tomatoes last week. i will miss em. the remaining tray of partially ripe fruit is out in the sun porch. looks like i will get one more batch of canning done. yay.

 all i want to do lately is bake. i have never been much of a cook, but baking, i love. i made caramel rolls over the weekend, and gave them away. it was fun, but i wish i could have eaten just one ;)

 oh, the plants came in from outside too. there are still bunches of them in the 3-season porch. my whole house is green again. no room for this kind of thing, but sigh. i have no other choice. i cannot kill them just. quite. yet.

i've been enjoying the new glasses and new haircut. i feel like maybe i am trying a little bit. it's so hard to be motivated when you work from home. but it's good. i feel good.

okay. so that was not so bad. hopefully, my brain will think of some good posts this week, and i will get back on the wagon. i hope you are still there ;)


carey said...

i would be sad if you quit blogging. if you promise not to quit, i promise i'll try harder :)

Rea said...

I would be sad too if you quit. I love feeling as if I am peeking in and tiptoeing through the peaceful quiet in your home. It is always such a happy little sigh of bliss.

cherk said...

No quitting, I have come to look at your cinnamon rolls often, I can't live without your colorful posts you share...