Wednesday, October 17, 2012

 is it just me, or do the new nail polishes and designs that you are seeing all over just get you excited?! it's like designing a brochure on your hand :)

ha. well, not exactly. but i have gotten bitten by the bug a LITTLE bit. i have not gone out and spent a ton on new nail polish, but dragged some very old stuff out of the bathroom cabinet.

carey says all the 7-year-olds in mitchell are doing the very same thing :)

ps. there is really nothing more gross than a fingernail close-up! do not zoom!


carey said...

i see your signature nail. nice. i also notice a comeback in glitter on the eyelids. i think i will stick to glitter in my Christmas cards (flashback 2011) but i do enjoy looking at all you pretty girls :)

Karen said...

DO NOT PUT GLITTER IN MY CHRISTMAS CARD! The Wonder Hub will disown you.

I want these nails. I DO NOT want to sit still, pay for, or be careful not to mess up these nails. Therefore, I will continue sporting the nails the I clipped last week (so I could type) and never quite got around to filing.

K~ said...

We LOVE GLITTER NAILS BOBBI!!! Cora and I do our nails all the time. I like glitter glow in the dark my self :) K~

carey said...

i think i will send a Christmas card JUST to Trevor full of glitter and maybe some little confetti snowmen. Game on ;)

if i had great looking nails i think i would be mesmorized by them all day. wouldn't get a dang thing done.

bobbione8y said...

Carey. it IS a little bit counter-produtive.

Cora/Kirst - we need to have a girl night to do all of our nails together ;)

cherk said...

Carey-Tell me what color glitter you use for you cards and I will make sure and pack mine with a complimentary color. By the way my finger nails see nail polish about once every 10 years. But I do like somes sparkle