Wednesday, July 25, 2012

south dakota tropics

whew! another 100 degree day on tap! i don't know about you, but this pretty much zaps my energy...i feel like laying with the afghan on the couch most nights. kind of ready for fall.

one thing that is totally THRIVING in this hot weather is my little grouping of cannas. these came from a lutheran rummage sale in a parking lot this spring - $3 for 3 bulbs. the tallest one is now quite a bit taller than me.

the thing about cannas in SD is that they are OLD SCHOOL. for the life of me, i cannot figure out how or WHY a bunch of farmer wives had access to bulbs for tropical plants in the middle of the prairie. but most all of my family (farmer roots) had them.

i would actually KILL for a photo that is seared into my brain of my mom and dad's two-toned green trailer house (the one that i came home to when i was born) in the middle of summer, lined with giant red cannas as tall as the roof. that photo does more to describe the aesthetic i have today than anything i can ever remember.

they were simply that good and memorable.

and now, here i am at fern, circa 2012, with dead grass and dead ferns and sad trees with their leaves falling off, and thirsty pots of half dead annuals and THESE. these beautiful perfect plants that i water the heck out of every day, and am getting so much enjoyment from.

sigh. what a good summer.


anne said...

My purple/red leaf ones have not bloomed yet either! ha! I was wondering about yours!

The green one has TWO blooming sections and is taller than ME!

I agree... I really... REALLY love them. Year after year.

anne said...

I also meant to write... BEST $1 ever!!!