Friday, July 27, 2012

off the grid

ah....! to sleep with the windows open again - priceless!

even though i had insomnia and could not sleep last night :) i hate when that happens.

i have few things to blog about....cannot sort them all out in my mind.

oh. one thing - i just found a function on my blog that says 'comments awaiting moderation' - i think that is where those hidden comments some of you have mentioned are hiding! so i promise to set them free from now on - karen, cher, kirsten - this is for you!

okay. well, i guess the biggest thing that i am excited about lately is solar energy. you didn't see THAT coming, did ya?

ha. see, i ordered a solar air oxegenator for the fish pond, because i'm a loooooooong ways from electricity in the back corner of my yard.

it's fascinating. i was a little concerned that it would not work, as i read mixed reviews on the internet. however, the SECOND i walked out the door, it started buzzing as i stepped into the sun.

let me tell ya people, that is AMAZING! the panel is just about 5x7 inches, and the fact that the little sucker has POWER in it just confounds me!

and yes. i was googling solar panels on my house before the day was over ;)) ha.

interestingly enough, a cloud rolling over completely stops the action. the SUN is where the energy lives!

:) sigh. i bought some goldfish, which i have not seen since i deposited them into the pond. however, i am getting some enjoyment knowing that they have clean water and clean air in their little home now, at least for a few sunny hours of the day!

happy weekend, peeps.


Karen said...

All my comments set free! I'll have to admit, I did wonder about that..

And totally off topic, I was at church today to choose a fall study for the Tuesday Ladies, when I came across Crazy Love. The dvd was there, too, so I checked it all out. Gonna try to get through it with the peeps before Moose goes back to school.

cherk said...

Wahooooo, I feel so liberated!