Thursday, July 05, 2012

alive and well!

oh, hi. i know, i haven't been around much lately. that is because of the *very big project* that hopefully will go away next tuesday.

after that, i can already tell i will be going from 110 mph to 10 mph. sigh. oh well, perhaps the change will be good.

there are things still happening on the back forty.

for instance:

there are some 'purpley' things rani, just not doors ;)

crunchy, crunchy, very dead grass. and some very alive little morning glory weeds. at least there is something.

green beans! must. pick. today.
tomatoes too! quite aways away from ripe, but still....coming.
no pumpkins though, as my very big/cool pumpkin plant has been attacked. so very sad to see it just die within less than a week. curse you, squash borers!

4 little fishies of 10 are left. not super good odds, but the remaining seem happy enough.
siesta says 'oh hello - are you going to let me roam wild yet???!'


cherk said...

I was thinking of you as I was doing some sorely needed landscaping here (I even posted on facebook how I WISH I had a friend named Bobbi who was a whiz at lanscaping)...I was hoping you had time to wander around and enjoy all the beauty you cultivate in your own space. Lucky Fern.

Rani Gordon said...

love the purpely...

cherk said...

I am wondering why your morning glory looks like something I called creeping jenny. I live your point of view better.

Karen said...

What is that purply thing?????