Saturday, July 21, 2012

quarter turn

ah. finally a day of complete rest...and boy do i need it. i have plans to paint some of my trim on the house, but it looks like rain. a good excuse to delay for awhile, anyway.

in the meantime, i have noticed the slow 'creep' of the creeping charlie coming back into my newly mulched landscape. that stuff is vicious. i spent an hour last night on the internet, googling and reading with much dismay that you cannot 'instantly' kill this stuff. and even trying can sometimes wreak havoc with the rest of your plantings. i had visions of a mass field of cc when i went to bed last night, and a small but growing feeling of failure.

this morning, i walked out into the yard to do my 'coffee look' at things. i bent over, and pulled up a couple of the weeds. then a couple more. then i hunched down to get a better grasp, placing the weeds in a neat pile so that i could dispose of them. then, more. then, i started talking to God while i pulled. before you know it, i was sitting in the midst of the garden, pulling and talking, pulling and listening, pulling and being.

something happened to me out there, just then. the thirst that has captivated me for the last few weeks started to be satisfied. i listened for the birds. i realized the air was cooler than it has been for a few days. i seriously felt my blood pressure SLOW DOWN.

and the weeds? after an hour or so of this activity, they were gone. oh, i know that they will come back in some fashion...but isn't that the way with sin in our lives too? at one point, i was MIRED in it. it stuck to me like sweat on a 100 degree day. and even now, when i feel the most 'clean' - i cannot stay that way except for a moment.

the reality is that i have to slow down, bend down, and get with God to do the work. It's not magic. there is no 'spray' that can instantly take it away. but surely as someday i will see the end of the creeping charlie, so is it with the sin in my life that i keep chipping away at...and the sins that i have yet to even begin to deal with.

i guess that God is the ultimate 'weed b gone' - :) and guess what? he is free and available where ever you might be today.

happy weekend!

In returning to Me and resting in Me you shall be saved; 
in quietness and trust shall be your strength.

Isaiah 30:15


Rani Gordon said...

Amen, sister.

Karen said...

You need to put all your God posts together in a little e book. Seriously. Good stuff.