Monday, July 09, 2012

i will survive

schwew. monday here. all the promise of another hectic week, just what i wanted.

actually not. things are looking pretty good. but *VBP* is winding down, with emails over the weekend from various elements of client-land, including the pres of the fine institution for which i am working.

i must decompress in situations.

and frankly, i don't really work full days on the weekend...full disclosure. so in the in-betweens, i found some things to do. eating. first of the garden veggies are in. the tomatoes came from a roadside stand, though.
 whatever you do, stay away from these. i had one, and then wanted to have 3.

rounding out dinner with these. to be honest, after drinking one of these, i don't get much of anything accomplished :)

i stopped at a thrift store and saw him for $1.25. he's upside down, and i'll bet you still recognize him!

and here he is on my shelf. he's greener than he appears in the picture. and somehow, i do not believe he is a life-like rendition of HIM. but he makes me laugh.

and then i got a fishtank. those little minnows in the back have renewed the interest...but it's been 25 years since i had a tank! i am worried i am forgetting things!

it's nearly impossible to photograph fish with an iphone. esp. after drinking the woodchuck.

here is my little 'shy' guy - he likes the plastic plant life.

except for when i am looking at him. then he decides to get even further away from me!!! but 4 fish purchased, 4 alive so far. that is a good start to the week!


Rea said...

I was about to be VERY jealous thinking you had a tomato already when mine are all still bitty and green. I AM, however, jealous of the green beans because mine were trying to come back and the evil bunnies got them again. I give up.

Not a huge fan of the hard cider, but I will unwind with a Mike's. And I would definitely unwind with whatever that caramely thing is. (hehe, at first I typed 'unwide', but I am fairly sure I would NOT unwide with that, probably just widen.)

bobbione8y said...


shhhh. mcdonalds' chocolate chip frappe. don't tell anyone i told you :)

ps. bunnies have eaten all of my $9.99 perennials, but left the .99 cent beans alone. high falutin' evil bunnies.

cherk said...

Hard apple cider, yep one is just enough.

Karen said...

This post is hilarious. Did you write it after the cider??

I have five tomatoes. One is almost ripe. I have spent a disturbing amount of time planning exactly how I will eat each one by myself, without sharing.