Monday, July 23, 2012

orange you glad?

mondays are funny. mostly, i am not a huge fan of them, but sometimes, like today for instance, they don't seem so bad. i guess because i have some sort of fun projects to work on this week, and no major storms on the horizon (hopefully).
plus, i got something accomplished over the something!

it happened on the way to sprucing up the white trim on the windows, so that i could paint my garage door with a pop of green. the paint chips have been laying on my desk for awhile now, and finally i had a day to take the project on.

in a moment of genius (ha) i discerned that it was possible to add a third color into the mix, by separating out the trim around the windows. all good news, but what color?

in the late 70s, we had a bright orange garage door at our house. my mom and i still laugh about the oddness of that door in a WTH kind of way!!!! our excuse to this day is 'well, it was the 70s.'

i'm not sure what my excuse will be when the subject comes up. what i do know is that it's going to get either way better, or way worse when i paint the garage door to match when i get some time this week.

what i also know is that it will be fun to say 'it's the tan house in the middle of the street with the orange garage.'

or maybe i won't tell, i'll just let newcomers GUESS which one is mine. pretty sure they'll be able to figure it out :)

happy day!


anne said...


Rea said...

Pretty! I like little unexpected pops of color. Which may be why my front door has purple trim around the window (much to Mike's dismay).

cherk said...

Just the pop it needed!