Wednesday, July 11, 2012

green day

sigh. tired.

i am hoping for about a 24-hour nap soon.

in the meantime, i hung some new artwork.

it's vintage, natch. $6 bucks for the 2 pieces.

i kind of liked the whole thing, i get the feeling someone started, but did not finish what they had planned.

it seems like he/she was a confident painter, though. bold strokes.

it really is very simple and nice in person ;)

small things, but good things.


Karen said...

I think it's really pretty. :-)

You inspire me to think past the way my pictures are hung. I think they're too segregated, if that makes sense.

I wish you could come help me.

bobbione8y said...

well, hi dear.

you know, it's funny you mentioned that. I did not even really think about it, just smacked some nails in the wall and hung them up. then when it was done, i thought to myself "i hang pictures pretty much the same way i design brochures"

hmmmm. that is not necesarily good. will help anytime ;)

Karen said...

Both seem to be working well for you. Probably best to not change at this point. :-)

Come over. Tanner just made the most amazing mango sorbet.