Monday, July 02, 2012

paint away your stress!

i know there is a recipe for this kind of thing - too much work, fear of failure, and piles and piles of anxiety. it goes something like this, right?

spa day

latte with friends

leisurely walk in the park

road trip to the beach

in my head, i KNOW the recipe. but for some reason, MY recipe for stress relief always seems to look like this:

uh-huh. spray paint. i used to be kind of afraid of spray paint, but thanks to blogs and pinterest, i have overcome my fears.

perhaps I have gone a bit far, but it did feel good. here's the scenario. remember back july, the first time we saw fern?

she was cute, but that vertical plastic 'siding' on either side of the entryway REALLY bugged me. what may have been intended to be a 'feature' was really, really bad. really.

and the house numbers did NOT help. plastic. PLASTIC. like the house. with pencil marks (where they were crookedly placed) and multiple drill holes showing. yikes. oh, and touch-up paint on the tan plastic. nothing says 'welcome' like that hot mess!

so, first thing i did was buy some new house numbers last year. last. year. and they were kind of cool looking, sitting in the drawer. then, i put em on a shelf in the living room where they were still cool. not super functional, though.

so, time to install. they ARE cool! unfortunately, they had zero visability from the street. which technically, i suppose, is the point....

only one course of action to take, then....spray paint!

after multiple trips - lowes, ace, home depot, and multiple choices, and some quick taping off and swoosh of the spray can, here we are.

wow. that is all i can say. suddenly, i like my house. it was like taking years and YEARS of grandpa out of the house with a can of spray paint (or 4)...

next up, those shutters have got to go! but seriously, gotta tell you, the stress is nowhere to be found :)

happy monday!


Ellen said...

Bee-yoo-tea-full! It's like I'm looking at an HGTV transformation, but without having to watch commercials!

So fun that you're 2612. Our transformed grandma house is 2613. :)

No shutters? I'm curious about that one. Will the house feel naked or do you have something else in mind? We're possibly headed to a brick house so shutters aren't an option. I'm daydreaming about lattices and ivy...

Ellen said...

Wait a minute! Isn't that a whole new storm door too? I gotta get me the can of spray paint that does that!

Rea said...

I like it!

Anonymous said...

I really think you should send your "process" into apartment therapy. That looks great, and it's a huge difference from the original. I think no shudders would be great. Could you add window boxes.-Lisa

cherk said...

Love this, I so admire your creativity.

cherk said...

Fern is looking just as I imagined her to be.

Ellen said...

P.S. By "curious" about no shutters, I meant really interested and intrigued, not skeptical. :)

bobbione8y said...

*oh, wow*

i am taking a break from Monday, and look at all the comments :))

I was thinking of painting the shutters for now, then YES adding a window box and taking them off.

I think the big thing I see happening (well, not big, but doable and without painting the whole house) is paint the trim AROUND the windows so that it does not look like 3 little windows, but one horizontal plane of windows (would do same thing on picture window on other side). then, framed with the brown shutters for NOW.

ya think?

ps. Lisa. the window boxes would be corrugated metal window wells :)

Karen said...

I love it! And I will never, ever, ever see/hear/think of shutters without thinking of you. :-)

Rani Gordon said...

gorgeous! now you need a nice purpley door, I saw it on a morning show, it works. I thought of you yesterday as I threw my old art up on the wall. You would be ashamed of me, someday I will try to decorate...I promise.