Friday, August 26, 2011

what i did for my birthday

i went to world market, and cashed in my $10 birthday coupon for a big bag o' sumatran.

i know.

the girl at the checkout asked me what day my birthday was (it was about 7pm) and when i told her, she said 'oh, sad.'

ha ha. yeah. sometimes the single life is a little sad.

however, don't feel bad for me. the celebrations are continuing into today, with a birthday lunch and a birthday movie tonite. so there!

have i mentioned that i like world market? i do. i wander around the food aisles and look at all the pretty packaging. sometimes, i even recycle the pretty packaging :)

yay! it's friday! have a great weekend, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bobbie! Remember sometimes coupled life is pretty sad as well.
I see De-caf in the mix-Is this for an after 8pm hot drink. I say drink the caffeine and take a benedryl.
Are you seeing the Help? THe book is one of the best I read.
Happy day and fantastic year ahead-milestone birthday for you next year-awesome!

bobbione8y said...

hey lis, thank.

i don't buy the decaf, that is just a photo from the web. i buy the big old bag o' beans! full strength all the way! as a seattleite, you would be proud ;)

i'm gonna whoop it up like i'm 49 this year. actually quite jazzed to be hitting the 50s. i already try it out, and it seem to fit me ;)

yes! seeing THE HELP! review to come!!!