Saturday, August 20, 2011

oooh. ahhh.

someday, but not today i will tell you about accidentally painting over the painted tile in my shower with acrylic paint, when lo and behold, there was an oil-based paint there before.

someday. but not today. especially since i am tired from scrubbing tiles until midnight last night. and especially since i need to start all over with an OIL-based primer today.


look at all the littles! for real, almost!

check this out...both nasty wallpaper and circus lighting....

but for today, i leave you with a wallpaper sample. a possible 'new bathroom' wallpaper sample (not like i'm jonesing to wallpaper a bathroom, but it already has HIDEOUS wallpaper, and it might be easiest just to re-paper....)


good day!

post script: found another one....think this might be good? it's called 'underwater world' and i think i could be happy applying makeup and looking at the crazy fishy scribbles :)


carey said...

only you could get away with making crazy fishy scribbles look cool. sorry to hear about the painting disaster. hopefully today's project list is more fun and more productive!

Karen said...

PS I lovelovelove Guernsey. Seriously, with all my heart. Can't wait to hear what you think.

bobbione8y said...

um, Carey, i take that comment to mean you don't really like the fishy scribbles :)

Karen! I am ordering pizza and reading tonite instead of diy-ing! i love it so far!