Tuesday, August 09, 2011

mabel's being reborn :)

"before" wood pieces - or what was left of it!

"after" some creative carpentry fixes!

whew. another day of pretty big projects around the back forty. the sunporch lives! wow. i knew it was bad, but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more rotten than i even imagined. feels good to know that the new owners are not going to have a roof fall on their head :)

best part. while i was freaking out over other unbeknownst potential problems, and telling friends over the phone, the little old carpenter man in the back was overhearing my conversation.

which led to a long conversation with HIM over the lunch hour about God. about His power, His position in our lives, His goodness, and His revolution in both our lives over the years. i loved that. i swear. God has brought so MANY of His people to help mabel and i over the years. i hope that He does the same for fern when she needs it .... (ps - did i tell you that a former pastor used to live in fern? hopefully that means she is broken in good :))

hello, my little zebra mallow!

oh. and the nice little carpenter man managed to restore an entire sunporch without damaging any of the greens. he said he noticed how much care that they had been given, so he did not want to disturb them :)

happy tuesday friends!


Karen said...

Happy Tuesday!

I am SO GLAD I got to meet Mabel. That short afternoon is one of my favorite memories.

I LOVE that zebra mallow, and I love whoever named him zebra mallow!

I am so excited for you and Fern! (and us, for coming along for the ride)

I PROMISE to write not one, but THREE little stories for you this afternoon after bible study.


carey said...

let's hear it for little carpenter men and old houses made new again.
i hope someone truly special gets to enjoy mabel. i think you should advertise her as a person, don't you?

bobbione8y said...

What do you mean, ADVERTISE her as a person? ;)