Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 down

i think it's not a coincidence that i have started reading job in the bible this week. because these home improvement projects feel like boils and lesions all over my body :)) ha. truly, i am ready to be DONE fixing this house. 3 rooms to go in 3 days...think i can do it?

to ease the stress, i bought some stuff yesterday. yeah. that's healthy.

lowe's did have a great little pedestal sink, which is sorely needed in Fern. and natch, they had a matching light fixture that i really liked. i hunted down a 10% 'moving' coupon on the interweb, and lo and behold, now i just need a plumber to install. life is good.

oh. and i decided on the wallpaper. no crazy here, just a very expensive yet wonderful design by the famous julia rothman. i heart her, and i will heart sitting in the clouds in my newly redone bathroom, too :)

onward people, it's tuesday already!!!



Anonymous said...

Hey Bobbi-
Looking forward to seeing the remodel as it happens. Have you thought of submitting it to Apartment Therapy? Especially that you are DIYing alot. Looks great!

Karen said...

Lovely post! Lovely sink! Lovely light fixture! Lovely wallpaper! My favorite part?

The use of "natch," of course!

carey said...

i am just praying you make it through this week.

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY in three hours.


bobbione8y said...

lisa - eeek! apt. therapy is my hero :)) maybe someday i'll make it there...

karen. running out of steam. natch.

carey. i am going to postpone the thing on friday...will make it :)