Sunday, August 07, 2011

new doorways

breezeway door and frame - BEFORE

the mouse door

door frame after handyman ryan came over -
note the hole in floor from, um, cat pee!

after risking life and limb to prime entire thing
whilst perched precariously!

okay, that is just crazy good.
i cannot believe i waited 3 years to do this!

ah. the project list is shrinking ever so slowly. it's a real full-time job to get an 81 year old house ready to sell. however, mabel shines up nicely. tomorrow, a nice semi-retired gentleman is coming over to fix the rotted wood on the sunporch. my main 'big job' is to tar the roof next weekend! that is one adventure i would love to bypass!

many thanks to miss rani for lending her whole family for an afternoon to help with trimming some windows and doors!

i am actually enjoying fixing the old girl up. it makes me love her all the more....and happy to know i am leaving her better than when i came.


Karen said...

Are YOU tarring the roof? Is that safe?

Rani said...

:) Looks SUPER!. I do not paint. I am glad I married a Jack of all trades.

cherk said...

You are making huge progress, I know she will shine so someone new will fall in love.

carey said...

hey friend! catching back up quick...she's looking good. mabel is going to look like a million bucks. i love the jonah print also.

bobbione8y said...

karen. yes. and yes.

rani. i am glad you married a joat, too!

cher :) thanks for the kind words. i'm pretty frantic that no one will love her right now!

care. ahhhhhhh!!!! where are you?! what day are you coming home?! i hope all is going well :)

Karen said...

Beeeee careful!!