Thursday, August 11, 2011

taking shape

whew. what a wonderful season. everyone is pretty much GUSHING about the beautiful weather and temps. i admit, that perfect weather makes me super happy. and it's nice to be happy.

i set my 'real life' aside yesterday for a whirlwind little road trip with lou. she is a great travel companion, and we had a nice day. what i love most, is that she is a great sounding board for all my craziness. she supports me, and mostly just lets me be crazy because i am.

she is also my favorite designer. that helps when it comes to all the decisions i have to make about fern. i am on my way to a new room in the house (can you guess which?) because we found some things yesterday to jump off from. i didn't buy anything yet except for the curtains, but i have been staring at them non-stop... :)

i have loved those drapes since they started popping up over the internet a couple of years ago. i'm sure everybody already has them now, but i don't care. i have been thinking about apple green for awhile, and soon, it will be MINE ;)

happy 'whatever day it is'!


KristieLou said... are too sweet!

I was so happy to come here today and see those curtains. Its going to be amazing!

Thanks for traveling with was fun.

Karen said...

My favorite day. :-)