Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hello, fall.

i woke up this morning with no idea who i was, or where, or when. i think the brain overload is starting to affect me in strange ways.

i am pretty sure i dreamt about david bromstad. go figure, i would rather have been dreaming about john gidding. or emily h. :)) ha.

at any rate, it's one of those beautiful fall days that is especially appreciated when it's not. fall. i just want to sit in the sunporch and read. or nap. or something.

things are going pretty well. i closed on fern on monday, and now have about 9 days to get mabel ready to show. my realtor brought a lady over yesterday, i would not let her in yet (!) because the place is a wreck. but she looked around the yard, and seemed pretty interested. the big problem is how/what to price the old girl. i need to go with my gut, but it's hard. i will lose quite alot of $$, no matter what, i guess. mostly because the old adage of 'location, location, location' is true. however, mabel is so good. i hope someone who needs her will find her. and as for the location, it has been good for me these past 8 years, too. God has been here, and will stay, i am pretty sure.

sigh. lots of emotion. best to just keep plugging along with home improvements and dreams of david bromstad, or else it will be just too hard.

happy wednesday!

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