Monday, February 07, 2011

what i didn't do this weekend

i did not watch the super bowl.

i did not have chicken wings and rotel cheese dip for dinner last night.

i did not miss the black eyed peas.

i did not yell or get upset when either team failed to score.

i did not toggle between channels and try to see all the good commercials.

i did spend an entire evening on the couch with siesta (in place of a good book) and 'pawn stars.'

i did check facebook before i went to bed, so that i could pretend i watched at least SOME of it, if necessary, today.

i did not succeed at doing that very well, either, did i?



Karen said...

Oh, schwew. She's back!

OF COURSE, we watched the game and ate rotel cheese dip (spread over nachos) and a bunch of other junk.

My poor Monkey. :-(

bobbione8y said...

aw. there a lots of sad little steeler boys today, i bet. and a few big steeler boys.

i think they are the winningest team in history, right? they will be baaaaaack.