Wednesday, February 09, 2011

here's what i love

sunbeams. definitely sunbeams. in fact, they are almost 99% responsible for my sanity these last couple months of winter.

my friend carey. i actually now must talk to her literally every day, except the weekends. she does sports and other yucky stuff on the weekends.

my church. this afternoon, when i stopped in to say hi to the 'kitchen crew' who is madly furiously cooking their hearts out for tonite's dinner, for a little tiny moment, i really felt like it was home. i love that.

the fact that tonite is class, and i'm not totally stressing out. schwew. i still have a hard time staying awake until 10pm, however. what if some day i actually love 'class' itself?! crazy thoughts!

i'm sure there are other things, but for a wednesday, this is a pretty good list.


Karen said...

I love your sunbeam.

I had one this morning, too. It showed the ridiculous amount of dust floating in my air and sitting on my furniture.

Karen said...

Hey, did you notice that 'New Song' takes place at the Outer Banks?