Wednesday, February 23, 2011

i live in a bubble

so, remember awhile back when i fantasized for you guys about moving to britton, sd?

um, slight change of plans.

yesterday, here in lovely sf, which i never thought of as 'south' before, it was a gorgeous day. even though my driveway is still recovering from 3" of solid sleet over the weekend, the roads were actually pretty good. and as i jumped in bert the honda to meet up with my client on the interstate - heading for clear lake, sd - life was fine. i was jamming to my radio, admiring the sunny snow, and had no worries whatsoever.

yikes. that is, until we continued north - luckily, lindsey was driving by then. friends, i'm telling ya, my life was in danger. we drove for an hour and a half on sheer ice. i rode in the driver's seat with my foot on the brake ;)

every time a semi rolled past us at the speed of light, i prayed. i prayed alot yesterday....there were alot of semis.

luckily, we made it both to and fro, safely and soundly, if not late for our meeting. however, the next time i decide to move ANYWHERE that involves more north than here, please kick me in the shin. yes, lou, that probably means the North Shore is out, too :)

sigh. it's good to be back home in the south.


Rani said...

This is the exact reason I love Some people may not like being housebound for weeks at a time. But, because my folgers and me are only 2 days shipping away from pretty much anything we need, I have no fears. Yesterday when the oldest woke up with a temp of 102 I was so thankful dad was home to drive her to the dr. and then one hour later when the second born had the same symptoms I was ever so thankful I did not have to go out on those roads, even here in the south. You heard it here first. I am a chicken when it comes to driving on winter roads especially with my babies in the car. Glad you are safe and warm. Hopefully the stress drive didn't settle in your neck and back too badly.

bobbione8y said...

oh, rani, i GET it. i hate driving, i esp. hate NIGHT driving. in the winter. on the ice. ayyyyyyyyyiiiiiii!

i love too, but would love it even more if i lived where you do!

ps. i made the spicy sausage soup over the weekend. it was yummy, but my tummy is not so into spicy sausage :)

Karen said...

I'm making spicy sausage soup tonight! ....and a chicken salad for the WH, who can't hack the spice, either.

So glad you made it safely. From waaay over here in the VA, with my 1/4" of snow, it's hard to imagine.

Chris said...

Ask Carey hjow much she loves Semi's too:)