Friday, February 18, 2011

friday goodness

lots of good things going on this week, in no particular order. i am going to give credit to God, for providing nearly 50 degree temps and a hope for spring, and a unique sort of calm and joy which is propelling me as i work on all sorts of new stuff.

last night, chris tomlin was good, too. i esp. like his buddy louie giglio, who is a pastor and inspirational speaker. he talks alot about God and astronomy, science, etc. last night was cool, he talked about all creation worshipping God. siesta and i often listen for the 'rocks crying out' - so that was neat :)

then, there is carl. i absolutely love my new little buddy app. siesta hates him. when you talk to him, he repeats what you said in a high tech babyish voice. i die laughing. he repeats me dying laughing. hours - or at least minutes - of fun!

speaking of, i have 37 apps now. how the heck did that happen? this phone is the most miraculous, magnificent invention since the .... well, the phone. it's really fun ;)

okay. on to more good things. i have a new beverage from a can. last weekend, i shopped at a new grocery store, and i could not find my old fave, fresca. for you people who are not into fresca, what makes it good is the slight grapefruit undertones. grapefruit and metallic chemicals of some sort...yum!

anyhoo, i saw a very nice design/packaging concept called sierra mist. name seems a little too good to be true, but they had a grapefruit version! oh my. wondering if any of my friends (ahem, anne) can tell me if potassium benzoate is REALLY all that bad for you. like a 12-pack of it per week. or something like that :)

ha. anyway, all is well with my soul, if not my intestines. have a great weekend, guys!


anne said...

uh. you don't need ME to tell you. i don't understand the soda addiction thing. it is lethal to the body. but here we go...

does your soda also contain Vitamin C or citric acid?

do some research on the combo. then consider if pretty packaging is worth it. stewardship of the body, baby! ;)

bobbione8y said...

oh yeah. um. yes. citric acid is yummy.

well, shel has not preached on that particular stewarship YET.

:) he he. i will enjoy the last 2 cans, if it must be so.