Tuesday, February 08, 2011

pioneer woman my foot

i'd like to think i can outpioneer that ree woman today. how, you may ask?

it's 16 below zero right now, and i am going to GO OUTSIDE. to feed the birds. who are fluffy little balls with their heads stuck under their wings right now.

i will wear my pj bottoms and my sorrels. we'll see how long i last.

in other news, siesta started pulling her stitches out of her body with her teeth yesterday. why should i be surprised? after freaking out that her insides would 'pop out' - i called carey who said animals are instinctive this way. my instincts are that i don't want to see cat leg guts on my couch ;)

he he.

anyway, she is a serious super healer. i actually think the wound is pretty safely closed, so i am going to let her pull away at the remaining stitches. it will save me the trouble in a week or so when it will be MY JOB to remove them!

sigh. at least it's not monday :)


anne said...

Relieved to hear about your (pet) child! Stitches thing = weird, though.
Just wanted to say that you have been on my mind. Daily as of late. I am praying specific things for you.

carey said...

oooh, i wish i would be on anne's mind daily. i think specific prayers from her are probably pretty good ones :)

we have -18 over here. insanity.

bobbione8y said...

oh, thanks annie :) you know, i think i am feeling those prayers, specifically, oddly, i am feeling joy!!

joy in the middle of winter at -16 degrees! with lots of things not solved!! joy!!!

thank you Lord.

Karen said...

I love your title! What if she googles herself? So funny!

Rea said...

Cat leg guts. Ewww. I'm glad her leg is healing though.

Hope you had fun feeding the birds!