Monday, February 14, 2011

live each day

there's a little post-it note on my computer monitor these days. it goes like this:

live each day as the day
that all of the gospel is true.

live this day and be glad in it.

live this day as the day of laying
down sin and taking up the glad
and good forgiveness of Jesus.

live this day determined to be useful
and joyful in Jesus.

live this day in a way that, should
all things change tomorrow,
you will know that the Lord is
God and this is the day
to be satisfied in Him.

i got this quote from here.

it was right around the time (actually right BEFORE the time) that the writer, michael spencer, got cancer and subsequently died quite quickly.

for some reason, it makes the quote that much more meaningful.

i love the thought. i want to always live like this. i am glad in Jesus today.

are you?

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