Wednesday, February 02, 2011

reading lists

i have been picking up books from my bookshelf lately, many of them that i have never opened, or opened only briefly. how fun is that! i am kind of amazed that i have so many books i've never read. i am excited to have new thoughts pop into my mind.

i would love love love to hear some 'must read' books concerning your relationship with the Lord. what is your favorite? what are you reading now? where is it bringing you? how is God moving through your reading?

here are a couple that are on my current list:

perhaps the most beautiful book about God i have ever read...(well, except for the Bible). it's been very personal to me during this season of quiet and confidence. the book is written from the first person of God himself, and has been so 'right on' in terms of my heart need, that i am sure it is God-breathed. i just know it is.

last night, i started re-reading this one by mike bickle. i do love his preaching, he is the leader of IHOP in kansas city. if you have never heard his series on 'song of solomon' - i highly recommend it.

i have loved the chapters so far on 'the longing for fascination' and 'the longing for beauty' - they touch at the very deep nature of our souls, and how earthly counterfeits often take their places. good stuff!

next up will be this book by dorothy sayers. have never read it, but look forward to her comparisons with the human mind and the mind of God. she was friends with CS lewis and TS eliot, and died in 1957.

i also want to read this book by tommy tenney. i have read and loved 'God chasers' and i think this book is a follow-up. tenney is a wonderful man with much passion and vision for the Lord on earth.

yay!! excited to have so much to look forward to. any other recommendations?


Karen said...

Wow. That's quite the list! I've never heard of any but the first book, which I've never read but would love to.

carey said...

i haven't ready any Christian books lately, but i did just finish The Blessings of the Animals, which made me want to go get some more :)

bobbione8y said...

c'mon you guys!! i want YOUR lists! carey, should i read this book of yours, or will it make me cry?