Tuesday, January 01, 2013

yo, adrian!

howdy, y'all! welcome to 2013!

how did you make it through the christmas season? i think i did well - with a nice mix of hermit and socialization, heavy on the hermit side.

i'm actually ready to get back to work :)

i'm not sure what to think about the new year. i admit the whole 'fiscal cliff' thing did kind of enter my mind. because the thing is, even if we (meaning america) don't fall off it NOW, we're sure to fall off it sometime in the future. i also thought about the recent shootings, and just the general sadness that comes in at holiday times. the big news in the headlines yesterday was a funeral for 3 kids that died in a house fire. that weighed a bit heavy, also.

i'm pretty glad that God reminds me that there is more to look forward to than just the stuff of this world. because a zillion pretty sunsets cannot cancel out the pain i see around me. it's a good reminder that the only reasonable answer for our future is a God who cares, who never intended this as our end-product, and who has a game plan for us - for the new year and for every new day! that is my hope, and i'm sticking to it :)

on that note, my pastor asked us to frame our new year with a couple of questions on sunday, specifically:

1) what are you going to keep?

2) what are you going to let go?

3) what are you going to take on?

it sounded really simple at first, but then when i started to think about it, it was harder...i think maybe the short answer (for me) would go like this...

1) what are you going to keep? relationships that matter (ps...they all do), gratefulness, focus on small things in life and beauty in small things

2) what are you going to let go? fear of tomorrow, feeling out of control, relying on physical/body cues for comfort instead of God (ie eating/napping/looking at pinterest)

3) what are you going to take on? jumping off REAL cliffs that God puts in my path, instead of imaginary ones brought on by a dueling government! new disciplines in my life (ie more intentional choices) and an openness to change, something that is inevitable, but still very hard for me

okay! that felt good!

how about you guys? any new year's resolutions you want to share? i also told kristie yesterday that i also need to starve myself for 6 or 12 months, sigh. so bummed to still be saying that :)

happy new day!


Rea said...

Hmm. Well, I'm going to let go of 2012. It never happened. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

In my mind I keep telling myself I resolve to start blogging again. And then I think 'blah, that's pointless'. But that's 2012 talking so I should ignore it, right?

I think I've actually resolved to do a photo a day challenge this year so that maybe by the end of the year I will not stink so much at taking pictures. Or at least I will know how to use my camera!

cherk said...

I think your pastor has some great questions, and can't wait to have you share how you answer them.

bobbione8y said...

rea-take pics! do!

cher-me either :)

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