Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the flip side

no doubt this is january. as i reflect on the month, i have to say that overall it's been very challenging, and also very good.

i have had to deal with things i did not want to deal with.

i have found myself ill-prepared to deal with said things.

i have tried on my own, and failed.

i have learned that trying on my own is pretty much a prescription for failure.

i've been blessed to not be on my own.

sigh. i think you know what i'm saying. it's true that a trip to the mall and a quick hit of color or new jeans CAN help when life wears at you. it's a temporary fix for a bigger problem, though.

in my case, i think the bigger fix is happening, too - and i want to tell you about it.

part of the solution has been my journey with this book, and the women whom i am sharing it with. i've been doing bible studies in my house for awhile now, but it's been a really long while since i have been as 'drawn in' to a study as this one.

part of it is the women who are in the group - some old, some new, and of course one that was dropped off at my doorstep. what an unusual lot. i am enjoying the mix.

but i think the bigger part of the study is God himself. it's HE who drew me to begin to read the next chapter in the study IMMEDIATELY after the last guest went home last night.

that never happens. but as it so happens, this chapter is about anger and irritability. and wow! i've been irritated with quite a few things lately.

the good news is, you cannot hide these kind of things from God.

so in the early morning hours, before the sun even thinks about rising, i can bring up the real stuff with a God who cares for me. who sees thru all the faults and flaws. who has a real, invested desire to see me break some chains, and move into more and more freedom in Him.

yes, i see that. and yes, it is better than the mall. thank goodness for january and newness all around. as much as i long for this winter season to be done with, i treasure it for the things that are being cultivated under the surface, that will surely bloom later on if i choose to nurture them along.

happy wednesday, guys!