Friday, January 11, 2013

i came, i spoke, i got tired.

so last night was my speaking engagement for the local graphic design crowd.

here is a short rundown.

i wore some makeup.

i put on dangly earrings (although i had to take them off - ouch).

i bought some new skinny jeans about 2 sizes too big so that i could breathe, which may or may not go against the point of skinny jeans.

i sent lou multiple photos (see exhibit below) asking about dressing options.

i did not wear this one, because the bat wings are a bit cumbersome.

i did powerpoint for my talk. huzzzah.

i networked.

i tried to be funny-ish and smart-ish. not sure if i accomplished either.

i actually did not have a bad time.

i have decided, upon full examination, that i am never, ever leaving my house again.

that is all :)


Karen said...

In that case, I guess I'd better come over.

Glad you survived!

cherk said...

He he, congrats to you, I am sure you were awesome. I get it though, after a full plate of "people" I need some non-people time.

KristieLou said...

You were awesome!

And you were funny-ish and smart-ish!

And you looked really cute...and I am sure everyone thought you were super cool. I did...even though we are already friends.

bobbione8y said...

oh lou. i am so glad you were there. i may not have survived otherwise ;)

K~ said...

Oh girl.... I totally get the no people thing!! I only can take the people thing in VERY SMALL doses. But getting out there and seeing people can be fun. some times... so I hear :)

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