Tuesday, January 08, 2013

store struck.

wow. it's the new year, and all i can think about is how good it's going to be? where is the usual winter sadness? i think it is keeping at bay because of the sun.

at any rate, it makes me optimistic on a lot of fronts.

one of those fronts is the organization front. what if i actually WAS for once in my life? would you all fall over? i think i would!

i went on a little whirlwind 'i haven't been in so long' thrifting binge last weekend with friends on 2 separate occasions. all i bought was storage stuff. let's take a look, shall we?

this one makes me dizzy! it's a 60s record album holder...using it to store my monthly receipts for the office. it really is fab.

here's an old egg basket, i think. what caught my eye was the giant ball of string...there were actually TWO giant balls of string....one that I gave to lou, because we both like string :) i'm going to keep my extra yarn in it in the craftroom.

the 'electrobrain' is a rather big storage box made of wood. it has a hinged top to hold all kinds of fun stuff. also for the craft room. i am thinking i will put casters on it, so i can roll it around. it also has a slot in the top that the lady selling it said may have been for a ballot box. looks like it has been through a couple of different lives :)

these cute little wooden drawers are kind of nasty at the moment. they were retrieved from a scary, dark, unheated salvage place in canton. the little placards are so unbelievably COOL...! can hardly wait to clean em up and put something in em!

another craft room item. a little mod green plastic supply holder. i has a lifetime's worth of straight pins and needles in it already - for the craft room :)

and finally, a little thingamajig. have no idea what this is, it's about 8" tall. it rotates around in a circle, so it must be a knob for some giant piece of machinery or something. i'm going to slip pencils or crochet hooks or something in the top to keep them within easy reach!

sheesh! that is more organization than i can even handle! i need to keep plugging away at the basement paint job, so that i can put this stuff to good use!


anne said...

OOooooooooo I LOVE whatever that last thing is. Good stuff!

bobbione8y said...

yes! i thought you would like that!!!

Rea said...

The little wooden drawers look almost like they might come from an old card catalog in a library. Which would be super cool.

cherk said...

I think the thingamajig is my favorite...

Karen said...

I'm with Ree. :-)

Reserving judgement on the thingamajig..

Also, organization in my life means buying a pretty new notebook. Which I did, right about the time you were writing this post.

KristieLou said...

I think the guy at the store said that the thingamajig is a pipe holder...he may have been making that up though :)


bobbione8y said...

oh, i missed that comment, lou. too excited about the find, apparently :)

ps. karen, you remind me that i need some new notebooks also!

Karen said...

Oh! It is a pipe holder! Mel had one when I was a child!!! His was wooden.

Mystery solved!

Karen said...

And also: used my pretty new notebook today to organize my mind. It worked!

K~ said...

I am going to come down and stay but don't look in the trunk when I leave cuz I am going to steal a TON of your stuff ok. I am going to tell you now in hopes you that you forget and still have me. :)

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