Wednesday, January 02, 2013

looking good!

whenever i hear 'looking good' i say it in my head the way that freddie prinze used to say it in 'chico and the man' - one of my favorite tv shows growing up.

more like 'loooooooooocking gooooooood!'

i loved freddie prinze. sigh.

okay. focus. that was one of my new year's resolutions, and here i am, drifting already.

i got some new artwork.

it's pretty. my dining room, i'm not sure if he is an elk or a deer or what. i love the way his antlers are bleeding upside down (watercolor). very pleasing to me EVERY time i walk by, which is a 100 times a day. my bedroom. i don't see this one nearly as much, but it is sort of a modern version of a gramma quilt. with lots of yellow, which works in that room with the yellow 'last supper' painting opposite.

art makes me feel good. i always feel guilty when i buy things, but i IMMEDIATELY love the feeling i get when i see it. is that bad? i don't know.

anyway. here's to loooooooooooocking good for 2013 :)
happy day!


Rea said...

I like the elk (I think deer have branchier antlers). I need artwork for my office and I'm stumped about where to begin to look because I kind of don't want just the standard prints you can find anywhere. (This is what happens when you have designer-type friends who put fun and quirky things on their walls, yep, totally blaming you.) But...budget. Booo.

bobbione8y said...

society warned. there is LOTS of good stuff there.

budget-friendly, but not free!

mostly, i just pin stuff :)

bobbione8y said...

oh ps. thanks for identifying the species!