Thursday, January 24, 2013

the lingering question

as i was staring at the screen this morning, trying desperately to think of SOMETHING to write a blog post about,

the big Q popped into my head:

i did what anyone would do in one of those deep, philosophical moments. i googled it.

the answer, apparently, is that they are not.

something about them going corporate and blah blah blah not enough personal inspiration and blah blah blah a generational gap or something or other.

then, i read that the new word for blog is tumblr.

we all know what tumblrs are, it's like when you find a funny pic of ryan gosling and write a 'hey girl' statement on top of it.

the thing i cannot for the life of me figure out - is the word tumblr really that much better?

maybe we could just call them blgs instead of blogs.

hey - that would be neat - because those are MY INITIALS...!

sigh. really, honestly, i'm stretching for a topic...perhaps tomorrow will be a better day to come visit :)


ellen said...

So maybe blogs aren't a social movement anymore, but I'm here to tell you that YOUR blog is still cool. Because you're cool. And no Google search will change that! :)

Rea said...

Eh. I never pretend to be cool anyway, so I will just let my blog reading/sometimes writing be yet another way in which I am uncool.

And tumblr seems very impersonal to me.

bobbione8y said...

i think what i hear you both saying is that i should rename my blog a blg and try to think of something better to write about tomorrow :)

bobbione8y said...

ps - ellen! how is the new town? are you settled in yet?

Karen said...

I came over here for inspiration...and learned (finally) what a tumblr is.

cherk said...

Ok, I thought a tumblER was a glass for alcoholic beverage?? And who says BlOGS are corporate and not personal? They obviously arent' reading US

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