Thursday, March 03, 2011

the question

so, karen asked yesterday if it was true that you really could NOT take a bad picture with the hipsta on iphone.

after class last night, i decided to try.

funky pillow laying on the couch....pretty.

curly leaf coming out of my aunt's precious begonia plant...pretty.

princess collage by erika hanging on the wall....pretty.

aarp card that came in the mail yesterday...pretty!

me after a 14-hour workday....

i guess the iphone cannot do everything.


Rani said...

they ALL look pretty to me...especially that last one :)

Karen said...



bobbione8y said...

sigh. YEAH. i'm 48. not exactly a day-brightener.

Karen said...

Forty-eight makes you AARP material? Sheesh. Well, I hope you get some good discounts.

bobbione8y said...

cost to join: $16 and you get a 'free' travel bag.

Karen said...

Hm. I hope it gets better than that.

Rea said...

Oh PLEASE! Look at that pretty streak of gold framing your face. And anyhow, none of us look like models from 2 inches away.

And you are totally not AARP material. You will not even be AARP material when you are 70 because you will still be out there sparkling away.