Friday, March 25, 2011

jump start!

woo hoo! i got the grow light in the mail just now! it's called the 'jump start.'

it took siesta approximately 13 seconds to get in on the new piece of machinery. i wish, like her, that i could crawl under that thing for awhile!! he he. i also love how non-high-tech it is. there is a little pulley system, you lower the light when the seeds are babies, but you can also have full-grown plants under there, if you want to. i want to.

i actually got my OWN personal jump start already this morning. a friend called, and we chatted about the amazing, supernatural, sooooooo coooool idea that God is in the process of downloading into her life. i mean it people, there are no ideas apart from God, and the ones that are purely from Him are PHENOMENAL.

i am so not worthy of even being a part of her idea, but i am sensing that God does have a place for me there. whoa. and to think i was kind of wishing for retirement just a short year ago. i don't think we'll EVER retire, even in Heaven, do you? i think God will always have a place for us to be a part of His plans, and the neat thing is, we won't be too tired or stressed out to want to. zowie, that's good ;)

he he.

anyway. since my post was kind of a downer this morning, had to share ;)

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Chris said...

I can feel your excitement coming through the screen! Good for you. I love the jump start light too. Wish I had room for something like that.