Friday, March 04, 2011

the crazy ride

i seem to dream about weird escalators and staircases alot. i think the explanation that most 'dream interpretations' say about this is c.r.a.p. because i sincerely doubt that they mean i am 'moving through my spiritual journey with great progress and ease.'

which is not to say i'm not doing that, but whenever i have these dreams, i am stressed out. and tired. and overwhelmed. and i am going up staircases with no railings and perilous overhangs, and wide gaps with icky stuff down below, and weird twists and turns that it seems like i will not be able to maneuver.

my escalators aren't even pretty, like the one above. they are grey and menacing and BIG. and often on both insides and outsides of the building. and sometimes have parts of old buildings in my past, like my elementary school or the advertising agency that i used to work at. which, come to think of it, were quite similar ;)

he he.

anyway. i woke up this morning feeling somewhat normal. i think it might have been lack of sleep that caused me to go on 'the wild ride' last night. not sure. but i'm going to stay on flat land ALL DAY TODAY. seriously. not going to even venture down to the basement.

happy friday :)

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